Digital Art

by Chris Duesing x GPT-3

The world of art changes as it is impacted by technology. Photography was the great disruptor of the 19th century. It allowed works of art that simply could not have existed before its invention. Technologies change the very definition of ‘art’. You are reading the next epochal shift now, the collaboration of man and machine in the act of creation. Artificial Intelligence is here. What will be different about artists made by machines than humans who make them now?

NLP Text Generation

Examples of Machine Generated Language I have produced with GPT-3.

Digital Sound

I am exploring music and sound art.


As well as studying 3D.

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Chris Duesing
Chris Duesing

I am a photographer, writer, entrepreneur, and programmer living in the great city of Chicago. I love to solve problems with technology and share what I have learned along the way.