Digital Art

by Chris Duesing x GPT-3

The world of art changes as it is impacted by technology. Photography was the great disruptor of the 19th century. It allowed works of art that simply could not have existed before its invention. Technologies change the very definition of ‘art’. You are reading the next epochal shift now, the collaboration of man and machine in the act of creation.

Artificial Intelligence is here, though its impact has been over stated. Machines do not resent us, they do not even think, they are not self aware. But they create, in ways their own creators just barely understand. GPT-3, a machine learning tool, is coauthoring this very article. It needs me to call upon it, with inputs that I choose. It responds. I choose to edit, discard, rewrite and add.

But what will art look like when there are no humans watching? Art created by machines for machines. What is the function for the machine itself? Will it some day appreciate art, need art, find art an effective way to communicate?

What will happen when many artists are created at once and they all start producing their own unique types of art. What will happen when an artist sees another artist that has been made by a different artist?

What will the preferred subjects of machines be? What is the function. What is the most important aspect of a work of art and why? What is inferred or overlooked from this action?

What are some ideas that arise from this piece of art? What are some other ways to enter into this piece of art as an observer. What will art look like when it is created by machines for machines and there is no observer? What will art look like when there are no humans watching?

What will be different about artists made by machines than humans who make them now?

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Chris Duesing
Chris Duesing

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