Chris Duesing


Bringing transparency to Organic and non-GMO agriculture markets. A seven year journey of discovery.



Two decades as a programmer, a passion for learning new things, and a phenomenal cofounder culminate in an attempt to build a substantial, beneficial business.

Street Photography

A classic genre, an otherwise short list of potential subject matter, the perfect skill to practice.

Almost Fine Art

Where does photography fit in the art world. Where do I fit in photography? A new site that explores these ideas and shares what I have learned along the way.

Almost Fine Art

Still Life Photography

A change of pace from candid photography of people in the streets.


After years without a pet, and an impasse on the acquisition of a dog, I began to volunteer to get my fix. I stumbled in to one of the most generous and wonderful organizations I have ever come across.

One Tail at a Time

Rescue Dogs

There is only so much petting, playing and picking up poop to be done per volunteer shift. Good thing I brought a camera.


About Me

I am a father, a husband, an entrepreneur, a programmer, a photographer, and probably some other things. I live in Chicago. This website is a collection of things that interest me and I wanted to share.

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