The Best Art School

by Chris Duesing

Finding The Best Art Program For You

Majors Align With Your Career Goals, Teaching Philosophy Aligns with Your Learning Style and Interests

Taking the above in to consideration. You want to pick a school that will prepare you for your most likely career path. Some schools focus entirely on hard skills and vocational career preparation, 3D game designer for instance. Other schools focus entirely on art history and conceptual art, SAIC for instance.

Skills Based Programs

Conceptual Programs

School’s Reputation and Network Helps Advance Your Career

Lots of schools will offer you a game designer degree, how many of them actually have teachers and alumni well embedded in the industry? What is their placement rate at top game companies?

Lots of schools will teach you to paint, but how many of them will prepare you to network in the art world? How to apply for grants, find shows, get representation, describe your work in the language of the art world?

Find famous alumni of the school, find career statistics, look at review websites (with the understanding that mostly only the dissatisfied leave reviews). Get a sense of the strengths and weaknesses of the school and whether or not they align with your goals.

Art College vs University

Applying to Art School

Next Steps

Once you have your choices narrowed down, it is time to apply. Learn all the things you should consider when you apply to art school.

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