Applying to Art School

by Chris Duesing
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The Application Process


As an adult

Choosing a school Always remember when applying to any program they aren’t just choosing you, you are choosing them too.

Number of Students Student Demographics Art College vs University Art Department Programs School Rankings For Profit vs Not For Profit Cost Career Aspirations (see is an art degree worth it)

Campus Tour Student Housing Facilities and Tools Teachers (see teachers at the top ten art schools)

Application Applying Directly Common Application

References Portfolio Artist’s Statement

Do you want to leverage your creative talents for a somewhat mainstream, well defined job, or do you have grand visions of a messy, paint covered studio where you work away your days? Luckily you aren’t actually making that decision. Going to art school will provide you with all of the tools you need to choose either path after you graduate. Whatever you decide, remember it is YOUR decision and YOUR life. There is no easy answer. There are plenty of poor, happy artists and plenty of poor, regretful artists. But you know what? There’s plenty of rich, happy bankers and plenty of rich, miserable bankers.

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