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Chris Duesing
Street Photography
Candid. Public. My small contribution to a classic genre.
Concrete Beach
Chicago Lakefront, Summer 2018, Leica Monochrom
Northern Spring
Downtown Chicago, Spring 2018, Leica Monochrom + Flash
Winter Nights
Downtown Chicago, Winter 2017/18, Leica Monochrom + Flash
Summer Sun
Downtown Chicago, Summer/Fall 2017, Leica Monochrom
Life Unfolds
Chicago + Scottsdale, 2017, Leica Monochrom
Seeing Other People
Italy, 2016, Sony A7S
UK, 2017, Leica Monochrom
Chinese New Year
Chinatown Chicago, January 2017, Leica Monochrom
Humble Beginnings
2015 - 2016, Sony A7S, Leica M7
Social Media
This site is a small selection of my work. To see more check out any of the sites below.
It is too large to ignore, but until I found a sneaky Lightroom plugin for direct upload I never used it. Quickly replacing 500px as my go to site. view Instagram
The best portfolio site from a user interface perspective, but it fosters next to no community. view 500px
The oldest, most established community online, but it's really tedious to use. view Flickr