Almost Fine Art

by Chris Duesing

Articles about Photography

Articles about getting certain kinds of shots, camera and related gear reviews for studio still life photography, reviews of workshops and more.

Articles about Writing

The following are articles on how writing fits in to the process of creating your art. Whether it is an artist's statement, a bio, a description of your work, a book you are writing or a blog post.

About Almost Fine Art 

As an adult I found my way to photography. Initially I read the technical manuals and how tos. I was doing some product photography for a website I was working on, and then found my way to street photography, which I think is even a bit of an odd bird within the photography community itself. As I read more about individual artists, their careers, books and gallery representation, I started to wonder if that was something I was interested in for myself?

I have been drawing and taking art classes since I was a little kid, but I never really thought too much about what the term 'fine art' meant throughout that time. Now, while researching photography, I was noticing a current of discussion around whether photography was even an art at all? I wasn't sure where photography fit in to the art world, and I wasn't sure where I fit in to photography, so I began to want some clarification, and external validation I suppose. I took a workshop on pursuing art as a career, to try to finally understand how the process of entering the art world works. I never intended to replace my day job, but what if I could get a gallery show? What was that process like, what did it mean?

Since then I have read book after book on the art world, culminating in trying to understand contemporary art. I would say I have come to a point of appreciation, but in some ways I am more confused than ever. Is photography art? Can it be 'fine art'? Is there still a place for 'fine art' in the world of contemporary art? I don't have any answers, but I keep honing my craft while I try to figure things out. I think I am making progress, perhaps my work is almost fine art.

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