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Artist's Bio
tl;dr Taking product photos with an entry level DSLR turned in to a maddening struggle to master taking a good picture.

As a new photographer in Chicago, with little access to landscapes or wildlife, my attention turned from pictures of screen printing kits to candid photos of humans in their natural habitat. The process was all consuming; learning the exposure triangle, composition, subject, interaction with strangers, developing film, scanning, processing, publishing and community. Had I not needed to eat, sleep or earn money I would likely have lost months at a time trying to create the perfect picture.

It has been four years since I took my first candid photo of a stranger in public, and I still spend most of my energy focusing on exploring the technical and aesthetic side of the craft. Recently I added a flash to the mix and very much enjoy the process of having to shoot at a fixed distance with no chance of stealth.

Many practitioners of the genre focus on grittiness and showing people suffering, I prefers to capture a fleeting moment of connection with an interesting stranger (two legged or four).

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This site contains a small selection of my work. To see more feel free to check out any of the sites below.
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