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Workshop Review
Eric Kim
Learning to overcome fear and get close in Street Photography
As I sit down to write this review I think about how I also recently wrapped up my review of the Thorsten Overgaard Workshop. It is funny to me looking back now at how completely different these workshops were to one another. I took Thorsten's workshop because I loved his results. I took Eric's because I knew he was a great teacher from his online writing, and extremely knowledgable about street photography. I knew I could learn a lot from him in person. The fact that the workshop was in Chicago also made the decision a lot easier. No travel expenses.

I did not go in to the workshop with a specific goal in mind, though I knew Eric would push my boundaries in terms of discomfort in distance to my subject. Even after watching him do a photo walk on Youtube, I was simply not prepared. When he says get close he doesn't mean take the distance you are comfortable with and cut it in half. He means if people are not actually phyisically tripping over you then you are not close enough.